How To Use A VPN On iPhone In 2024? [Get A VPN For iPhone]

Use A VPN On iPhone

We already know what VPN does for existing VPN users, along with it here is mentioned how to use a VPN on iPhone in 2024. Some Apple users have trouble using a reliable VPN service on their iPhones. We’ll teach or explain the essential steps to connect a VPN with an iPhone. Let’s start a conversation on which VPN is the best for iPhone users under the budget.

A virtual private network is performed to keep your confidential data, and information while surfing on the server among the anonymous users. We suggest or recommend you an amazing VPN service as per your requirements.

What Are The Best VPN On iPhone In 2024?

Best VPN On iPhone

In the list of best VPN on iPhone in 2024, the security or privacy market has many VPN companies that provide robust security services. In the below bullets, you can check out the top VPN services following are:

ExpressVPN – Relevant VPN Service

ExpressVPN is a reliable or relevant VPN service in the security market, this is the Hong Kong-based VPN that contains the ability to keep yourself secure online. ExpressVPN has amazing features and services that will assist you in continuing your online activity securely. 

It provides free, or paid versions that both users can use whether they’re beginners or professionals. Get all features, for instance, the best in-encryption, trusted server technology, works on every platform, and 24/7 customer support. Go to Apple online store to get ExpressVPN for iPhone without doing any hardship.

Features Of ExpressVPN

Works On All Major DevicesYes, ExpressVPN supports all major devices like Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux.
Use On Up To 8 DevicesConnect with family or colleagues devices with ExpressVPN service at a one time.
Vital ServerExpressVPN offers many servers like 100+ servers where you can surf with your network anonymously.

NordVPN – Robust VPN For iPhone Users

On the other hand, NordVPN also comes in the list of the best VPN services with its incredible features. It supports all major devices like Windows, Android, iPhone, iOS, macOS, and Linux. Is NordVPN free in 2024, get its 30-day money-back guarantee free trial in which you can use its all fabulous features.

NordVPN also offers manual steps available for wireless routers to make it easy for beginners. NordVPN gives their existing users amazing discounts on festivals or special days. If we talk about its features, then before becoming a permanent user of it you can use its 30-day money-back guarantee.

Features Of NordVPN

Threat ProtectionWith this feature, NordVPN stops malware, hackers, and malicious attacks which you can surf safely.
Dark Web MonitorGet an instant alert when NordVPN feels someone tracking your dark web activities.
Dedicated IPYou have a good opportunity to use an artificial IP address instead of a real IP address while surfing on your preferred server.

How Do You Connect A VPN On iPhone In 2024?

How Do You Connect A VPN On iPhone?

To connect a VPN on iPhone, follow the steps mentioned below to help you use a reliable VPN service on your Apple device.

  • Pick your iPhone, & click on the settings application on the home screen of your iPhone
  • Search “General” section, and tap on it to go for further process
  • Press on the VPN
  • Tap “Add configuration” with your chosen VPN service
  • Press “Type” & grab the type of VPN protocol you’re using
  • Type the description, remote ID, and the server name of your VPN

In the previous bullets, you can see those bullets in which we have shared how you connect a VPN on an iPhone in 2024.

Does iPhone Have A Built-In VPN In 2024 Apple Device?

In conclusion, the iPhone has a built-in VPN protocol, but to get more privacy and security you have to choose a reliable or relevant VPN service. In the upper case of content two major VPN services have been mentioned whereas you can take help to make more security whether you’re using public WIFI.

The extra layer makes you more secure from hackers, malware, and attacks while surfing on the server. iPhone also comes with robust security or privacy, but external security can handle all the troubles that Apple security can’t handle sometimes.

How Do You Get A Free VPN On iPhone In 2024?

Some VPN services are free of cost on iPhone in 2024, we’ll suggest the best VPN service for which you don’t need to pay any money. ProtonVPN is the best or most amazing choice as a free VPN on iPhone in 2024. Let’s clarify all its features, and services before taking its VPN service.

ProtonVPN also comes with the free version for whether you’re using Android or iPhone, it provides its dynamic email service to its existing users. We also use this ProtonVPN service on all iPhones of our family or office Apple devices.

How Do I Change My VPN Location On My iPhone?

Change My VPN Location On My iPhone

Through simple ways, you can easily change your VPN location on your iPhone. We have considered essential points in the further lines and you’ll get help from them.

  • Choose the reliable VPN service, & select its relevant plan under your budget
  • Create your account on your selected VPN service & save your login ID
  • Choose your preferred server or country where you want to surf
  • Tap “Allow” when asked for permission to create a VPN configuration
  • Change your location on the VPN by choosing another server or country
  • Click on connect to turn on a VPN, & check if your VPN works

Now, you can change your VPN location on your iPhone in 2024 with the help of these shared points.

Is It Good To Use A VPN On iPhone In 2024?

Yes, as per your needs or make a more secure zone while surfing on a server in which there are many anonymous users, then you should use a reliable VPN service to keep yourself hidden from hackers, and malware.

How Do I Remove A VPN On My iPhone?

If you no longer use a VPN service on your iPhone, then you can remove it in some major ways like holding a VPN application on your iPhone home screen, you’ll see three options for instance remove the app from this device. Click on the remove button, now you’ll see your VPN application has been deleted from your iPhone.

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