ProtonVPN Review

ProtonVPN Review 2024 – Is ProtonVPN 100% Safe?

ProntonVPN has multiple power or services along with a reliable VPN service for their existing users, for instance, ProtonMail. To get high-level VPN security you’re at the right place with dynamic VPN service. 

Through this ProtonVPN review 2024 you’ll get all the necessary points about ProtonVPN’s advantages or disadvantages to make sure to purchase this VPN under your preferred budget. 

While considering ProtonVPN features offer incredible features such as advanced encryption or the safest tunnel to surf on the server among hackers, malware, web trackers, and phishing attacks. ProtonVPN fleet is big enough to keep away from overcrowded servers. Select the server or connection to enjoy your streaming, gaming, and web series with the ProtonVPN reliable VPN service. 

Before converting to the paid version you should take a free version of the ProtonVPN service to check out the ability or capability as per your work priority or needs. Unblock your geo-restriction content and the website that you want to access on your device. 

The security or privacy market has many incredible VPN services such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost VPN that offer numerous services or features without causing the dread of losing confidential data, and information from hackers, malware, and web trackers.

ProtonVPN Pros & Cons – ProtonVPN Review 2024

ProtonVPN Pros & Cons - ProtonVPN Review

Check out the ProtonVPN pros & cons in 2024 to compare the benefits or drawbacks from the all sides or edges to clarify your all doubts following are:


  • Get high security & privacy
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Use free version of the minimal period
  • Secure multiple servers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Open-source applications
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Support torrenting
  • Enough VPN for macOS device


  • High subscription plans
  • Customer support might be late for instant response
  • No dedicated IP address

ProtonVPN Latest & Updates – ProtonVPN Review 2024

ProtonVPN Latest & Updates - ProtonVPN Review 2024

In previous years ProtonVPN service also released official updates that make it some different or best in the security field. Whether you’re an old user or newer to use ProtonVPN service you should know all the updates that are essential to see once before taking or continuing this VPN service. 

VPNHike website where you can check out the latest updates of ProtonVPN review 2024 in simple language. All associated updates we have put in the further bullets step-by-step following are:

Major UpdatesNew Privacy-Focused Features (May 2022): In this feature, ProtonVPN gives three benefits or features to look more impressive for all users, for instance, NnetShield, ad-blocker, and malware protection tool that also assists to block trackers, and help protect your privacy. While streaming or graming no one can disturb you such as irritating ads on your favorite channels or shows.

Kill Switch: Everyone knows about the kill switch feature, which blocks Internet traffic if your VPN connection drops due to certain critical issues, ensuring your credential stays protected.
Server UpdatesRemoval Of Indian Servers (June 2023): ProtonVPN removed their physical servers due to Indian government regulations that threatened user privacy.

Replaced with virtual servers located outside India, ensuring the user can still connect to the Indian IP address with a duplicate IP while maintaining privacy.
Upcoming UpdatesBrowser Extension: ProtonVPN service releases launching a browser extension to provide VPN protection which helps to avoid open applications or official websites using ProtonVPN with a browser extension.

App Redesigned: ProtonVPN company decided to change the layout of our ProtonVPN desktop, and mobile application for a better interface or more intuitive.

ProtonVPN About

ProtonVPN is a robust VPN service offered by the Swiss company ProtonAG, the company is based or works for ProtonMail. In the manner of introduction of the ProtonVPN service, supports all major devices like Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, wireless routers, Android TV, and smartphones. 

It’s committed to providing secure, private, and censorship content access for users around the world. If you’re planning to get ProtonVPN service, then you don’t need to think more about it because it comes with amazing deals such as ProtonVPN coupon code to reduce the actual price of your chosen plan with 50% off with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Make it easy to improve your online presence to keep your online activities secure away from hackers, malware, and phishing attacks.

What Are The Features Of ProtonVPN In 2024? – ProtonVPN Review 2024

ProtonVPN Features In 2024 - ProtonVPN Review

Calculating the best features of ProtonVPN in 2024 that ensure your activities that happen while surfing on the server. Key features play a significant role in each VPN service that gives you infinite security all the time. 

Browse your web with peace of mind with ProtonVPN features with its reliable VPN service. Hiding your real IP address to stop being sold your important data through advertisers. Bypass those content or websites that you want to access on your device.

These kinds of features make a surety to lose confidential information whether you’re using a public Wi-Fi network. Let’s take a survey in the further section we have described all the crucial features following:

Mask Your IPProtonVPN can hide your real IP address with a duplicate IP address to prevent the easiest, and most accurate way for websites to track you online.
No-logs policyEveryone knows the no-logs policy feature which Proton VPN keeps no logs that can compromise your security or privacy under Swiss law in which ProtonVPN isn’t obligated to start logging.
NetShield Ad-blockerBlock malicious scripts, ads, and trackers, with the NetShield feature, along with its ProtonVPN DNS filtering feature that prevents connections to unwanted websites.
Strong ProtocolsIn this feature, ProtonVPN uses the strongest, and most cryptographically secure VPN service protocols, for instance, WireGuard, and OpenVPN.
High-SpeedThrough the name of this feature you may know it talks about VPN speed, ProtonVPN gives 10 Gbps speed if you’re using or know about this feature while surfing on the Internet.
Split-TunnelingUsing the split-tunneling feature on Windows, and Android devices to route some essential applications or IP addresses through the safest ProtonVPN split-tunnel while excluding others.
Up To 10 DevicesIf you have a wide range of circles that you want to keep in a protection shield whether it’s your family members or your office colleagues. Get a ProtonVPN browser extension to avoid using an application or official website to continue your VPN service.
Customer Support/ Live ChatProtonVPN provides 24/7 live chat support which helps to solve your doubts or critical issues while using the ProtonVPN service on the time of surfing. With the paid ProtonVPN version you can easily get the benefits of live chat most hours.
Unblocking ContentIf your favorite content that you miss out on due to government restrictions or censorship, you might bypass government censorship with the ProtonVPN unblocking content feature.
Servers & LocationsThis is the main or interesting feature of ProtonVPN runs over 3000 servers across 65+ countries so you can easily connect with any server in different kinds of countries to unblock your content or websites. ProtonVPN trying to increase its server area in restricted countries.

How Much Does ProtonVPN Cost In 2024? – ProtonVPN Review Reddit

How Much Does ProtonVPN Cost In 2024? - ProtonVPN Review 2024

Most users think that ProtonVPN is a free VPN service, but on the other hand, we try to express that ProtonVPN isn’t a free version VPN service through the ProtonVPN review 2024 page. 

It also contains multiple subscription plans with different kinds of pricing lists on the discounted price. You may also grab the latest ProtonVPN deals 2024 by using the ProtonVPN promo code to save your money in your wallet from any hardship. If you’re using our promotional code to purchase the protonVPN service, then it might be easier to get an extra discount on your considered plan. 

ProtonVPN offers lifetime deals with one-time subscriptions with yearly or monthly renewal charges. Your one-time investment can secure your whole house without taking any external help from third-party websites through a VPN for the whole house in 2024. 

ProtonVPN includes three main plans, for example, a 1-month plan which provides all features under $9.99/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee, second one is a 1-year plan that comes at the price of $5.99/mo with a 50% discount as a lifetime deal for their existing customers.

The third one is the last, and the most considerable plan is called the 2-year plan only at $4.99/mo which can save you $120 with a lifetime deal. With each plan, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee. These are actual prices, but after using the ProtonVPN discount code or deal you can save as you think before saving much.

How Do You Download & Install ProtonVPN On Every Device In 2024? – ProtonVPN Review Free

How Do You Install ProtonVPN Application On Device? - ProtonVPN Review Reddit

With the help of our suggestion, you can easily install or download the ProtonVPN application on your device. ProtonVPN has sections for each device such as desktop, extension, and mobile which means there is nothing to get in trouble with downloading the ProtonVPN application on a particular device. 

However, we have discussed all three major sections to explain each section individually for you in the further headings or paragraphs. In the desktop section, ProtonVPN contains VPN for Windows, VPN for macOS, and VPN for Linux. In the second one, the mobile section includes VPN for iPhone & iPad and VPN for Android. The third one grabbed extension devices such as Chrome, Firefox, Android TV, and Chromebook.

Choose Your Device

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Extension

Steps To Download the ProtonVPN App

  • Visit the ProtonVPN official website:
  • Choose the particular device on which you want to download
  • Tab on the “download” button you’ll be redirected to the pricing page
  • Save the installation files that you got from the ProtonVPN site to upload on the path

Install the ProtonVPN Application On the Device

  • Click or open the installation files you downloaded
  • Go behind & share instructions to finalize the installation process

Create An Account On The ProtonVPN Application For Initial Time

  • Click on the sign-up button & fill out the essential blanks
  • If you’re already an existing user of ProtonVPN, then no need to do it again

Connect To Your Preferred Server Or Location

  • Once, you set up all the important steps you can quest your server or location where you want to surf
  • Now, refresh the page or re-open the certain using applications that are in the running

We’re pleased to describe how to install & download the ProtonVPN service on certain devices. Now, it’s your turn to implement the following steps in the upper bullets.

ProtonVPN Speed & Performance – ProtonVPN Review Download

ProtonVPN Speed & Performance - ProtonVPN Review

Now, we have reached the ProtonVPN speed & performance section where we have taking important discussion on the speed, and performance of ProtonVPN. 

Accordingly, all the important steps we have considered in the previous headings or paragraphs, but here, you can check out the ProtonVPN speed which is calculated as per user live experience like 10Gbps speed in several servers or locations. 

ProtonVPN can provide significantly faster speeds for users with high-bandwidth connections. On the other side, if we take a closer look at ProtonVPN’s performance, then ProtonVPN is present in the list of best VPN services in the 2024 security or privacy market.

Is ProtonVPN Legal For Use In 2024? – Proton VPN Review 2024

Is ProtonVPN Legal In 2024? - ProtonVPN Review

Yes, ProtonVPN service is altogether safe or legal while using it on the preferred server or location. Don’t think or be misguided by humor that ProtonVPN service is the finest VPN service with robust features that contain your security or privacy logs with your ISP associate every time. 

In a few locations or nations, some VPN services are banned due to government laws or restrictions in China, Russia, Iran, and some other nations. ProtonVPN doesn’t provide its services in India just because the Indian government is not allowed to use it. 

But, you might be used or connected with other national servers with a duplicate IP address to access Indian-restricted streaming, gaming, and your needed content.

Which Company Is ProtonVPN Owned? – ProtonVPN Review

Which Company Is ProtonVPN Owned? - ProtonVPN Review

ProtonVPN service is based on the Swiss company Proton AG, Along with the history of ProtonVPN, it also offers ProtonMail service. ProtonVPN was officially launched to the public in June 2017. 

2015-2016 in which the Proton team began developing a VPN service to complement ProtonMail, further it tried to serve security or privacy service to their existing users. 2018 ProtonVPN celebrated its first anniversary with significant growth in users and servers.

Final Judgment – ProtonVPN Review

In the final judgment, we hope that you grab all the important points of ProtonVPN service. Through this ProtonVPN review 2024 you can make the right decision to choose it for your security or privacy from hackers, malware, and phishing attacks. 

You don’t worry about using ProtonVPN service just because it improves their VPN service day-by-day with new updates. In the previous headings, we have also discussed the pricing list of ProtonVPN services under your budget. Use the ProtonVPN coupon code to get a fabulous discount on your chosen plan. For more information about ProtonVPN, you may contact us to clear out your leftover doubts.

Which VPN Is Better Than ProtonVPN In 2024

It depends on your security priority as per your workload, you may consider NordVPN service instead of ProtonVPN if you have some doubts about it. NordVPN is one of the best VPN services with incredible features. But, NordVPN comes with a wide range of plans that could be harder for beginners in the initial time.

Does ProtonVPN Leak Your Confidential Data?

No, with the robust features of ProtonVPN, your confidential data and information are secure in the safest tunnel. With a kill switch feature, ProtonVPN stops all the activities while you’re on the server. You are comprehensively safe with the ProtonVPN service.

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