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The VPNHike write for us page is for those who are looking to contribute their unique ideas or knowledge to us. Write for us VPN keyword that will help you to reach out at the right platform, for instance, the VPNHike website. VPNHike is the trusted or best VPN knowledgeable service provider that assists VPN likers. Here, we’ll discuss how you can share your interesting blogs or topics with us to enhance the visibility of your online presence.

Let’s know about our write for us technology services such as we also offer both modes of guest posting on our website free or paid guest posts with a minimal price. If you’re enthusiastic to share valuable knowledge with us as a strong or long-term contributor on this platform. 

You can also easily become a part of our writing team if you connect with us from beginning to end. To get more information about how you submit your guest post on the VPNHike website, then keep in touch with us in the further headings or paragraphs.

How Do You Share Your Articles For Guest Posting On VPNHike?

If you’re in trouble sharing your unique or latest guest posting articles, then you may contact us via our official website mail id: vpnhike@gmail.com. If you can’t reach out to us through the write for us page, you can jump on the Contact Us page in which you may fill out the Contact Us page easily.

You have to pay a minimal amount for submitting the guest post on the website through write for us VPN. There are many keywords for us from whom you can search our website on the search engines whether they’re Google, Bing, or Baidu.

What Are The Categories We Accept In The Form Of Guest Posting On The Website?

Categories For Guest Posting

Under the Write for us guidelines, you must follow the mentioned categories to submit the guest post article. VPNHikes website doesn’t consider the irrelevant topics or articles that we have discussed in the below bullets.

Restricted Categories ListWrite For Us VPN

  • Gambling
  • Casino
  • Adults
  • Betting
  • Irrelevant topics

Accepted Categories List – Write For Us VPN

  • Technology
  • VPN
  • Web Hosting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Food & Dish
  • Tips & Tricks
  • General
  • Software
  • Fashion
  • Hacking
  • Entertainment
  • Web Development

In the upper case of bullets, we have considered which categories are restricted or which are not for the guest posting submission.

Consider The Guidelines To Share Your Unique Articles On The Website

Consider The Guidelines To Share Your Unique Article On The Website

Before submitting the guest post related to the write for us VPN niche or other one you must follow the guidelines that will assist you to post an article without any dread on the website. Let’s take a deep look at the bullets mentioned below.

  • While writing an article keep in mind the article words should be around 800 to 1000 unique words
  • Grammatical mistakes are not considered while submitting the content
  • We allowed the one do-follow link in the existing article with one no-follow link
  • With the article, you must send one featured image with the written content
  • Your written article or topic should be matched with our published articles for helping to relate to each other
  • We’ll take two business days to publish your article on the website in a well-optimized way
  • In the end, you’ll get the article live link through our official mail to your given mail ID: vpnhike@gmail.com with a payment method

How Many Links Must Add  To The Existing Article On The Website?

When publishing we are allowed to add two links to the existing article, the initial link will be placed in the upper case of the content or paragraph. On the other hand, you may add the second link in the author bio with a no-follow tag. We hope that you have understood where you can add the links, or how you add them under the guest post guidelines for write for us VPN.

What Are The Keywords To Find Out The Website On The Search Engine?

Guest Posting Keywords

However, you may type the niche or category on the search bar of any engine, but to make it easy for you. We have shared some easiest keywords to get exact websites that are relatable to the VPN niche.

  • Write for us technology
  • Write for us VPN
  • Software write for us
  • Write for us digital marketing
  • Write for us software + guest post
  • Write for us general
  • Fashion write for us
  • Write for us food
  • Write for us news
  • Write for us gaming
  • Write for us streaming
  • Tech + write for us
  • Write for us video marketing
  • write for us information technology
  • software + write for us + guest post
  • Guest post + write for us + VPN
  • Write for us + ethical hacking
  • Write for us security
  • Write for us privacy
  • Write for us free + guest post + VPN
  • VPN + paid guest post + write for us
  • Write for us” + VPN
  • Write for us creators
  • Write for us content
  • Write for us blogging

Now, you have the best way to explore the different keywords of several niches, let go to search these keywords to get the best guest post deals.

How Do You Become A Master In The Content Writing With Us?

If you want to make a career in content writing and email marketing, then you must follow or search popular write for us VPN or write for us technology queries to find out the best guest post-submitting websites. And send the articles or your new ideas to enhance your knowledge in the content writing world. One more we have shared our email id: vpnhike@gmail.com to share all the essential info with us.

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