Is NordVPN Free 2024? [NordVPN Free Trial]

Is NordVPN Free

Before getting know about is NordVPN free in 2024? NordVPN is a most reliable or popular VPN service in the security or privacy market. Here, we’ll discuss how to use NordVPN for free on any devices. 

NordVPN is a VPN service provider by the Nordsec company in 2012. It supports major devices for instance, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux with the ability to connect many devices at once. Ahead, we have discussed steps to use NordVPN for free In 2024 with its all benefits of features, and services.

How To Get NordVPN Free Version Forever In 2024?

While considering a few points, any existing NordVPN user can use a free version of NordVPN in 2024. NordVPN is a paid VPN service that ensures to keep your identity or your confidential data, and information from the hackers, and irrelevant attacks while surfing on the server.

NordVPN service is paid for all users just because there is no any plan that NordVPN provides to their existing users for free. You must buy any particular plan of NordVPN service as per your needs. 

On the other hand, you can take a 30 days free trial of NordVPN service to get confirmed to continue your NordVPN service ahead. After completing the free trial you have to jump on the paid version of NordVPN in which you can take all its benefits. Let’s come to the main topic Is NordVPN free in 2024 or not?

How To Get NordVPN 30 Days Free Trial At Initial Stage?

To utilise NordVPN 30 days free trial, then you have to follow up some bullets in the further section just because these steps only can get you the NordVPN free trial for 30 days without any trouble.

  • Go to the NordVPN website & click on the 30 days free trial banner
  • Select your NordVPN subscription as per your needs or budget
  • Create your new NordVPN account if you’re a new existing user of it
  • Choose the payment method from where you done it for NordVPN service
  • Once the payment complete, 30 days NordVPN free trial will start

Now, you’re able to use NordVPN free trial until you can’t jump on the NordVPN paid version. We hope you understand whether NordVPN is free in 2024 or not. We shared all the important information on how you can grab the free NordVPN service.

Is NordVPN Free For Android In 2024?

No, whether you’re an Android user you have to use NordVPN 30 days free trial as a Nordvpn free in 2024. Here is the same process to use NordVPN 30 days free trial with all its advantages in the upper case of bullets. You just need to activate the NordVPN free trial with your existing NordVPN account if you’re already a user of it. NordVPN has changed their plans or pricing list month to month with amazing discounts or offers to save user money to their pocket easily.

What Features NordVPN Offers With Their Existing Plans In 2024?

While considering is NordVPN Free in 2024? Features, and services play a significant role in any software or application just because it attracts user interface or interest towards the performance of any VPN service. 

Same as NordVPN has robust features, and services that are enough to protect users from all malicious attacks while surfing on the server to become anonymous among the other users. In the below paragraphs we consist of NordVPN features.

Features Of NordVPN – You Get Just More Than VPN Service

Threat ProtectionThreat protection is an incredible feature in which malwares, hackers, trackers, and other common Internet threats cannot disturb you while surfing on the Internet.
MeshnetThrough this feature you may easily create your own  private encryption in which you might share your important files, folders, and data from your device to another device.
Dark Web MonitorWhile surfing on the server if you NordVPN feel your account has been compromised, then NordVPN send a message or notification on your device dashboard to don’t dread with it.
Dedicated IPYou don’t need to use or show your real IP address just because NordVPN has the ability or offer an artificial IP address like an anonymous user.
Fastest VPNNordVPN comes top VPN list with its performance or robust service, it provides the fastest VPN service to their user whether you’re old or new.
Multiple DeviceYou can connect your home device too with NordVPN service, and settle or secure your both home or professional work.
No User TrackingYou can surf without dread just because NordVPN stops to track user activities on the Internet.

How Much NordVPN Will Cost In 2024? – Get Suitable NordVPN Plan

It is important to check out all plans of NordVPN service before using it, NordVPN has three major plans in which some are popular with special discounts. Further, you’ll meet with them in which you can choose your preferred plan under your budget.

There are three NordVPN plans with different NordVPN pricing lists with different discounts on these festival seasons.

2-Year PlanIn this plan has three sections for instance, complete plan comes with $5.79 + 3 extra months, plus plan that comes with $4.79 with 54% discount, and last one at $3.79 with 54% discount + 3 months free included in NordVPN basic plan.
1-Year PlanIn which complete plan is available at the cost of $6.49 with 60% off + 3 month extra VPN service benefit, plus plan is popular for freelancer or beginners who have minimal knowledge about VPN to use fully at the cost of $5.49 with 48% off, and last one basic comes with $4.49 with 45% discount.
Monthly-PlanThis is a short period plan in which you can take advantage of NordVPN for a month only. In it the complete plan will come around at $14.99 with 30 days-money back guarantee, plus plan will come with $13.99 with the same offer of 30 days money-back guarantee, and final comes with the cost of $12.99 only for a month.

Is NordVPN Overpriced In 2024?

Under the vision of is NordVPN free in 2024 or not? It depends on your requirements how much you need to use NordVPN for how long further. 

If you have a minimal budget for buying NordVPN service, then you feel NordVPN is overpriced for you, but its discount or offers can reduce the actual price while purchasing time. Still, you’re trouble to choose the best VPN service, then you may also consider Is ExpressVPN free 2024 with its amazing features, and services.

Which Is The Totally Free VPN Service In 2024?

Atlas VPN is a free VPN service that provides their VPN free of cost to their users, but keep in mind that you’re using the free VPN service in which you can lose your data while disconnecting between your VPN service or the server on which you were surfing. We suggest that NordVPN free is the best option to use a reliable or relevant VPN service.

Is NordVPN Free & Safe To Use In 2024?

Yes, NordVPN is a trusted VPN service in the security, and privacy market with its robust features. You can easily use it without getting in the dread of losing confidential data, and information.

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