Top 5 Free VPN For PC In 2024 – Get A Reliable VPN Service

top 5 free vpn for pc

Top 5 free VPN for PC in 2024 is the best way to grab your preferred VPN service under budget. There’s so many VPN services in the security & privacy market, but we consider the 5 best free VPN for pc in 2024. Before serving their audience we compared all major or popular VPNs providers with robust features, and services. In the further headings or paragraphs you may also compare them with your personal experience.

A VPN stands for virtual private network that ensures to the users about their security, and privacy among the malicious hackers, and malwares. If you’re a beginner or don’t have any knowledge about how to use VPN, then we’ll assist you to set it on your recommended device.

What Are The Top 5 Free VPN For PC In 2024?

In the order of top 5 free VPN for pc in 2024, we have discussed on each VPN services in the below bullets following are:

ProtonVPN – Supports Major Devices

ProtonVPN is an amazing VPN service by the Swiss company that supports major devices such as Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux. This VPN provides their service as a free or paid mode with unlimited bandwidth to their users. It provides decent security service with a strict no-lag policy. Far from this, in the below part we have shared its features, or services.

Features & Services

Mask IP Address: When you connect with ProtonVPN, then it will hide your real IP address while surfing on the server. With these features anyone can’t get know whether you are online or not.

Swiss Privacy: Switzerland has strong security modes in the world that’s why ProtonVPN ensures to keep your confidential data, and information. Just connect your device with ProtonVPN service to mask your online activities.

No-lag Policy: No-lag policy is the best feature of any VPN service in which you don’t have the right to log with your data, and information.

Windscribe VPN – Best In The Security & Privacy

Windscribe is a commercial VPN service that also provides dynamic features, and services to their audience. In the list of top 5 free VPN for pc in 2024, Windscribe VPN comes with free VPN service with limitation features. This is the Canada based VPN service but operates internationally. In the manner of this, we have also concluded its features in the further steps.

Features & Services

Large Network: Some of the VPN have limited network servers, but the Windscribe VPN have large network servers in which you can choose or use your preferred network that are enough to your location.

Strongest Encryption: With the AES-256 chips, you’ll feel safe from the hackers, and malwares while connecting with the Windscribe VPN.

Use For Free: Windscribe has a free mode in which beginners can always learn for the initial time. Its free version comes with some features, but they’re enough to use for little work.

TunnelBear VPN – Reliable & Relevant VPN

Tunnelbear has also made their presence in the list of top 5 free VPN for pc in 2024 just because it also comes with the free version with incredible features or services. Tunnelbear is a public VPN service based in Toronto, Canada. This VPN service came to the market in 2011 by Dainel Kaldor, and Ryan Dochuk.

Features & Service

Tunnelbear comes with many offers of features that make sure it will assist all users just because they all are important while surfing on the random servers.

Unlimited Devices: If your family or colleagues have many devices or you need to get unlimited device ability VPN service, then TunnelBear VPN is suited for you.

Protocol Selection: Control your activities or devices while connecting with the TunnelBear VPN with openVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2.

GostBear: Block all the logs or attacks when you’re connected with your preferred server in which no one can enter into your tunnel. Your presence will keep hide from the hackers, and malwares easily with this VPN.

Hotspot Shield – Access Unblock Web Contents

Hotspot Shield is a public VPN service that is represented by the AnchorFree, this VPN is popular to bypass the government censorship. It also provides the free VPN to their users whether they’re new or old in the security market. 

You may also take an opportunity to get  this free VPN that offers the essential features. Let’s go to the main topic in the ahead section in which we have discussed its services following are:

Features & Services

Major Device Support: In this feature you can see Hotspot shield VPN supports the major devices like Windows, Androids, iOS, macOS, and Linux. If you’re using the Android device, then this VPN is perfect  for your needs.

Speed Limit: Hotspot Shield VPN also comes with the high-speed network in which nobody can disturb you while surfing on the server. In comparison to other VPNs you must give a chance to this VPN to serve its services.

Split Tunneling: This feature might confuse those who’re unaware of this performance. This feature allows users to jump on the other server while dropping down the server through malicious activities.

Hide.Me – Get Free Plan With 2GB Data is also one of the free VPN service that provides its enthusiastic features, and services to their users, This VPN is world fastest VPN service, and privacy protection. In the order of this VPN you may take help from the other VPN service to keep confidential data or information. You must consider this VPN in the list of top 5 free VPN for PC in 2024 with external benefits. In the below bullets you may look its features that will assist you to become a anonymous among the hackers or malwares.

Features & Services

Muiltiple VPN protocols: Through this feature user may connect their multiple device simultaneously with a single VPN account or operate easily.

Kill Switch: With it, you can keep your data safe from the hackers or malicious attacks when your server has been dropped due to some irrelevant activities. This feature which is designed by disconnect the Internet while stuck on the server.

Ad-Blocker: offer a freedom to stop or block the ads while surfing on the server, this VPN allows to existing users to avoid the irrelevant ads on your device or platform.

What Is The Best Completely Free VPN For PC In 2024?

In the whole summary we have concluded all top 5 free VPN for pc in 2024, but here we recommend to you TunnelBear VPN to use as a free mode just because it offers the robust, and reliable features or services under the VPN instructions. 

On the other hand, you have left four other VPN services in which you like them anyway if you’re not happy with the current VPN service.

Is It Safe To Use Free VPN For PC?

No one can say that a VPN service is safe for use on a PC, but some VPN services can assure their users to keep data, and information secure from malicious attacks. Consider the mentioned VPN services in the upper case of paragraphs in which you may like one of them.

A VPN is used for unblocking the restricted contents, and web pages to access those things that may be restricted in your location or home town also. VPN hides your identity in the face of anonymity online.

Is NordVPN Free For PC In 2024?

No, NordVPN is a paid VPN that provides their dynamic features, or services to their existing customers, but NordVPN gives a 30 days money-back guarantee to check out the ability or not. You can jump on the shared VPN services in the upper headings.

Do I Need A VPN In 2024?

It depends on your needs such as you have to need to access the censorship contents or web series without showing their identity.

Is Free VPN Safe In 2024?

Different VPNs have various issues for instance, low security or privacy power in which users might lose their confidential data with hackers. Before grabbing any Free VPN service ensure with them services or features.

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